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e-cigHello and thank you for visiting our site. We are a reputable UK electronic cigarettes supplier. Our company stocks a substantial range of both e cigarettes and vaporising gadgets, along with an array of e liquids. This allows us to meet the demands of both new and experienced customers alike.

The demand for e liquid is rapidly increasing, as the huge potential of e cigarettes is beginning to be more broadly appreciated. The expansion of the electronic cigarette UK industry has led to a race to locate e liquids, frequently from any source, regardless of the constituent ingredients’ quality. We do not source e liquid, unless we are completely sure that the quality and safety is up to scratch. Our company builds long lasting supplier relationships, rather than regularly changing suppliers. We demand and sustain a consistently high quality by closely working with every supplier, and making meaningful, ethical and mutually beneficial arrangements with them.

In contrast to many e cigarette suppliers, we do not regard our liquids as a gimmick to boost our product sales. On the contrary, our vape juice┬áplay a crucial part in our business strategy. Also, you will discover that we provide all our customers with the best value for money possible. We won’t resort to any dirty tactics to get you addicted to a device with expensive replenished cartridges.

Our company prides itself on its’ reputation and integrity. This governs how our staff and customers are treated. If we do something incorrectly, it’s because we’ve made an error. We wish to be informed whenever this happens, so we can address the issue and improve the service quality of our business. This is why we encourage every customer to send feedback to us. Whether you do this via our customer support team, or via our re-sellers or stores, if you have something to say about our service then please let us know.

The e cigs we sell are changing the long held habits of countless numbers of people. We will be here to support our UK customers and fight for the rights of those who use e-cigs, whenever those rights come under threat. This is another example of how we value principles over profit. We will never permit our business interests to interfere with our fundamental responsibility to act in the best interests of our customers. These are the standards we set for ourselves on a daily basis.

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UK e cigarette supplier


The original cost of the electronic cigarette uk includes all the items in the starter pack. This includes a battery, a cartridge or several cartridges, nicotine (liquid) and a cigarette pipe. The cartridge is the container for the liquid nicotine while the battery provides the power to heat the nicotine to vapor. The pipe holds the cartridge whereas nicotine is vaporized to the vapor that is smoked.


Tobacco cigarettes come alone and need to be lit; to burn the tobacco to produce the needed fumes for smoking. Our e-cigs, however, come with a not just a battery, but a rechargeable battery that supplies the power needed to vaporize liquid nicotine to fumes. The rechargeable battery saves smokers the money they would have used buying new batteries or lighters for lighting regular cigarettes.


Nicotine fumes are much cleaner that of tobacco, and do not have as many adverse effects on the body or environment as tobacco does. Burnt tobacco fumes contain carbon smoke, which is not only environmental unfriendly, but also harmful to the lungs, throat, eyes and nose. Nicotine is only heated to vapor while tobacco is burnt to smoke and ash. This makes e cig more socially acceptable than the ash and carbon emitting tobacco cigarettes.


An important part of our electronic cigarettes is the cartridge. Our cartridges range in size and have clear labeling. Since cartridges are the containers that hold the liquefied nicotine we clearly label them so that the level of nicotine in the liquid is clearly indicated. People with a higher need for the stimulant opt for higher levels of nicotine, while those who only need to satisfy a psychological smoking need opt for lower nicotine content. The cartridges need not be thrown away once the nicotine inside has been used. Clients can refill from the bulk stock of nicotine they have or buy more cartridges. The fact that some of the items in our e cigarette are reusable saves people money.


Smokers of our e cigarettes have a choice when it comes to the flavor they want to smoke because we avail a couple of flavors. It would, thus, be hard for people to smell the unmistakable smell of tobacco on people smoking flavored e cigs.

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