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Starting Up with E-cigarettes

e-cgiarettesWhat is an E cigarette?

An e cigarette or an electronic cigarette is a device which is battery operated and resembles the traditional cigarette. It is used world wide by people who wish to quit smoking. An e cig gives you the same physical sensation and appearance like smoking the normal cigarette but with considerably less health risks. It does not contain harmful chemicals like tobacco and tar that cause health problems. Only nicotine is used to give the user the same satisfaction as smoking.

What is an e-cig made up of?

The e-cigs are definitely a safer alternative to quit smoking compared to other complicated and expensive medications. All the products that are used to make an e-cig are approved by the FDA hence one is safe to use them. It contains an e liquid and an atomizer which allows this liquid to turn into its vapor state once inhaled. This liquid in the e cigarettes contains polypropylene glycol and vegetable glycerol. Both of these items are usual food additives and completely harmless. They are known to be present in asthma inhalers too hence do not irritate the respiratory system at all.
Apart from that, nicotine is present in limited amounts in the flavor and cartridges to give out the same sensation as smoking to the user.


There are many advantages of namely no tar, smoke, carbon di oxide or benzene are given out. The health risks are minimized when there is absolutely no tobacco content in the e cigs. The e-cigs also keep your teeth stainless and your clothes and fingers odorless. Second hand smoke is also avoided since it does not give out any smoke. Because of this, it is completely legal to smoke e-cigs in bars, restaurants, bars and outdoors as well.
The electronic cigarettes seem costly at first because the starter kit will cost you about £60 but in a long run it is noted that in regular smokers around £1000 was saved every year on smoking budget.

Starting Kit

Once you place an order online, you will receive a starter kit which contains the smoking device, e liquid, charger and cartridge. There will be around 6-10 flavors of cartridge that you can choose from. In some kits, they may also provide extra cartridge or liquid to refill.
Refilling is quite easy but sometimes you may need assistance. You need to make sure that you put the rubber cap on each time after refilling to prevent any kind of leakage. Also, do not let the air flow tube come in contact with the mouth piece since it may cause a burning sensation while inhaling.

Over all,electronic cigarette uk users have said that they have been able to cut down or quit smoking and e cigs have helped them a lot. It is definitely better than other methods of medication for quitting smoking. It is reasonable and really easy to use. Reusing the kit is another added advantage and people have been quite satisfied as a whole.

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